Monday, August 07, 2006

Beautiful Wedding

It's official.....My baby is now a married man!!! He and Mary Avery were married Saturday night at 12th Street Baptist Church. The whole weekend went by soooo fast. My husband and I arrived in Gadsden about 4:30 Thursday night. The next day I attended the bridesmaids luncheon which was held at the Anniston Inn Restaurant (a beautiful place!). The food was fabulous. From there, I rushed back to Gadsden to decorate for the after-rehearsal dinner that we hosted at the Gadsden Country Club. I yanked my husband up from a nap to help me get everything over there...haha. We decorated, met with the events planner and head waiter, then rushed home at 5:15 to change clothes and be at rehearsal which started at 6:00!! Whew....It's tiring me out just typing this! The rehearsal went very smoothly and we headed to the GCC about 7:00. The food was rib, cold seafood(shrimp, oysters, crab claws), seafood bisque and beef stew, tilapia, chicken, pork medalions, mashed potatoes, beans, salad, potato salad, rolls, and for dessert "chocolate decadence" served in champagne saucers! It was all very good. Then we had a champagne toast. My husband, Nat, gave a very touching toast. It was a great night. The kids presented the grandparents and parents with embroidered hankies. Mary Avery gave her dad one that said "I will always be your little girl". She is so sweet! Mine said, "Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams"...made me cry. They also gave the parents Waterford! beautiful!
The next day I dropped Nat off at the hotel around noon to be with Jordan, Mary's dad and her brothers, and the groomsmen...and I went to the Woman's Club to spend a couple of hours with Mary Avery, her mom, and the bridesmaids. Mary Avery already looked beautiful and she wasn't even in her gown yet. Then about 2 we all headed to the church for pictures. My daughter, Janna, met us there...she looked very pretty too! Everything went so smoothly. The bridesmaids were so lovely and the groomsmen very handsome. I can't wait to see all the wedding photos.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was radiant!! The music was so nice and the soloist sounded heavenly. Jordan's face lit up as he saw Mary coming down the aisle! I was just hoping he wouldn't faint!! It was the perfect couldn't have asked for anything more. Then we all went to the GCC for the reception. The decorations and flowers were spectacular and the food was once again exceptional. It was wonderful to see so many of my friends and family that attended. The band played the type of music that Jordan and Mary Avery requested...such as songs from the Rod Stewart Songbook...old romantic songs and jazzy type songs that everyone enjoyed. They sounded great. The first dance went off as practiced (the twirl at the end was a nice touch! :) )
Both the bride's cake and the groom's cake were beautiful (and tasty too!). Around 10:45, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Wigley left in the limo for their yet-to-be disclosed honeymoon location. Her dad and I were both handed envelopes (not to be opened until they were gone) that contained the itinerary. Not even the bride knew where the honeymoon was going to be. As soon as the limo rounded the corner....we tore open the envelopes to see that they were spending the first night in Birmingham at the newly opened Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort (looks like a castle!), then heading to Atlanta to spend one night before flying to Cancun this morning! I talked to them just before they flew out and so far the honeymoon has been great and I'm sure this next week will be like paradise. Our families are so blessed!!!
It was a weekend that I will never forget...and I know one that THEY will never forget!!