Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Dad

Sorry that it has been so long since I've posted an update. As most of you know, my Mom and Dad have been in and out of the hospital since November. I spent almost 9 weeks helping to take care of them and returned home the middle of February. At the end of February, my Mom was readmitted to the hospital, so my dog, Sami, and I returned back to Alabama. We had planned on returning there in a couple of weeks anyway, but I had looked forward to spending several weeks at home for a little R & R with my husband. But the Lord definately had a plan for me being there that week. My Dad, who had been in declining health, passed away on March 4. Had my Mom not been hospitalized that week, I wouldn't have been at my father's bedside when the Lord called him Home. It was a very peaceful death... with me; my sister,Sandra; my daughter, Janna; my dog, Sami; and his caretaker, Ann; surrounding him. He hadn't eaten anything the day before, but at about 5 a.m. he asked if he could have one of those lil' frozen ice cream cones that we kept in the freezer. He SO enjoyed his sweets ( I guess that is where I get that from!) and he ate every bite of it. He passed away a little bit after 8 a.m. Ahh..can you think of a better way to leave this world? Surrounded by your family with an ice cream cone in your belly! My Dad was loved by all who knew him and we all miss him so much.

I just returned from a trip back home to visit Mom for Mother's Day and to attend my son's fiancee's graduation from Univ. of Ala. Mary graduated from the U of A's School of Nursing. We are all so very proud of her. And lord only knows...we sure could use an RN in the family!! haha My daughter and I went the night before graduation and were treated to a very nice dinner with Mary's family. My son also drove in from Arkansas to be there for the weekend. It was great to see him...a very nice Mother's Day weekend.

Mom is doing better, although she did lose sight in her right eye. She is still weak, but has a good appetite (yes, she also loves her sweets) and is getting around pretty good with her walker and help from her caretaker Ann (an angel sent to us).

I will be headed back to Alabama toward the end of June for another visit and to attend a bridal shower for Mary and make final arrangements for the after rehersal dinner.