Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back home in Virginia

Ahhhh.....nothing like your own bed! My mom is doing better. She was in the hospital for a week and then at Gadsden Rehab for a week. It is hard to see your parents get old and unable to do so many things they used to do easily. But on second thought, so many of my friends lost their parents at a much earlier age....I know that God has blessed my family by letting us enjoy each other for all the years that we have received. It was a very trying month for me. Between staying with mom at the hospital, taking care of my dad at home, being away from my husband for a month, and getting my house in Alabama ready to sell, I felt overwhelmed at times. Your prayers and God's love are what carried me thru the past 4 weeks. Please continue to keep my parents in your prayers. I anticipate having to make more frequent trips back home.

Janna is coaching high school volleyball this year. Her JV team won their first game!! Her varsity team is yet to win, but they only won one game last at least Janna can't do much worse than last year's coach...haha.

Jordan called me today to tell me he picked up the engagement ring today that he ordered for Mary and that it was the most beautiful ring in the world! He is so excited!! He is going to Tuscaloosa to propose to her next weekend....but shhhhh .. it's a secret. They are getting married next August. baby is all grown up. And they grow up so quick...just enjoy them.


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