Saturday, August 06, 2005

Deja Vu we go again. Yesterday, my husband and I were at an offsite meeting (aka party) at his boss' house. We were having a great drinks, Boston Butt, chocolate chip cookies...when my sweet husband decided it was time to cool off in the pool. Being the kid at heart that he is, he does his best cannonball into the pool as I watched from my comfy beach chair. I overheard him say to his boss (who also jumped in at the same time) .."You're not going to believe what I just did." Although I couldn't hear what he told him, I knew what it was. My poor husband tore a ligament in his foot AGAIN! He had surgery on the right foot in April and was in a cast for about 3 weeks on that foot, but before he could get out of that cast...he tore a ligament in the left foot and was in two casts for a few weeks. He had been cast-free for about a month now but has been having some pain still. Soooooo...I guess its back to the doctor again on Tuesday for yet another cast. Bless his heart, it's so discouraging. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks


Blogger Pilly said...

Oh My!!!! Tell hubby we aren't as young as we used to be and we can't act like kids anymore! I know how upsetting that is, since none of us have every grown-up. Take care of him, I know how much babying "men" need! They can't live without a good woman! lol

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